May 2015 After a litte trip in the south of France in the place of Akwanza birth in La Maurette and a little training for the girls, we are back on the roads - Marseille, 8 may: Wema 3d in champion, class Imaya 2d in open class and Ishara 1st place in intermediar class and RCAC. - 10 may in St Ambreuil: Imaya CAC and Ishara RCAC - 17 may in Koroske (Slovénia), Dakiwe exellent in champion class, Wema CAC in champion class finish her new tittle (Slovenian champion) and Ishara in intermediar class win her first Slovenian CAC and she is also best female - 23 may in Madrid, Imaya and Ishara are both Exellent, the way perhaps to be one day Spain champion as mother Wema!
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