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I'Kumba Athiembo in Waterloo in Belgium (Mr Orange) Izzy Arko in Boninne in Belgium (Mr Red) Ioung Angus near Lausanne in Switzerland (Mr Brown) Iba Akilah in Monaco (Miss Pink) Ilanga Arusha in the Gers (Mr Green) Ishanti Ahora near Clermont Ferrand (Miss Yellow) Indy Amahle in the Ile d'Oléron (Mr Blue) Ibrahim Ayou in Iannilis near Brest (Mr Ridgeless) Ichor Akkar near Orléans (Mr Kaki) Iako Abayomi near Fontainebleau (Mr Blue Sky) and staying with us : Ishara Ashanti (Purple) et Imaya Almasi (Gold) It was a great adventure, Wema 's puppies are all in wonderful families who could love them and they will live happy.
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